WHO Supports Who Wants to Restrict Cigarette State

WHO Supports Who Wants to Restrict Cigarette State

Today is exactly May 31, 2011 designated as World No Tobacco Day. Therefore, the World Health Organization (WHO) to support Member States who want to limit and control the epidemic of tobacco smoking.

Theme of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, World No Tobacco Day celebration a part in the efforts to strengthen tobacco control and prevention of disease consequences in various countries.

"WHO encourages governments to prioritize tobacco control, looking for ways to fund tobacco control and allocate sufficient resources to control the tobacco epidemic," said Dr Samlee Plianbangchang, WHO Regional Director for Southeast Asia, in a release received detikHealth, Tuesday (31 / 5 / 2011).

Dr Samlee said the presence of control is expected to protect current and future generations from the adverse impact of tobacco on health, social, environmental and economic.

Countries that joined in Southeast Asia to choose different ways in suppressing tobacco consumption. As Thailand using pictures adverse effects of tobacco in a cigarette pack, this image meets 55 percent of the total package and take advantage of 2 per cent tobacco tax to raise public awareness about the dangers of smoking.

Even so there is still much to be done in tobacco control, among others, determined 100 percent of the region without the cigarette smoke and consider the importance of international cooperation and public cooperation with the private sector.

In addition, WHO will also provide support in coordination and technical support, particularly in drafting legislation, implementing measures that are considered best and recognize the tactics of the industry.

Globally, each year nearly 6 million people die from tobacco use or exposure to cigarette smoke exposure. When viewed from this amount the estimated deaths due to tobacco consumption could reach 8 million people each year in 2030.