Still Virgin For Men Phobia

Still Virgin For Men Phobia

Many people have a phobia (excessive fear) in height, a certain animal or the phobia of dark places. But what would happen if a woman has a phobia of men?

This is what happened to Emily Day (26 years) who have excessive fear of men or called androphobia.

"I'm still a virgin. I am not a lesbian and in no way sexually attracted to women," said Emily Day, as reported by Thesun, Tuesday (31/05/2011).

Emily claimed was absolutely terrified of men. His hands were sweating and his breathing seemed to stop in his throat when dealing with men.

"This fear has followed me for life. I can not determine when this started," explained Emily.

Emily said she could see pictures of men with his friend and can judge that the men were handsome. But if it must come face to face with the man, he will have difficulty being in the same room without fear.

Androphobia is an abnormal fear that occur continuously against men. In most cases this condition is caused by a traumatic event, such as never seen his mother abused physically, verbally or had been victims of rape.

But apparently not a traumatic event occurs in the case of Emily.

"This does not mean someone has done something to hurt me. I only fear death because they (men)," said Emily.

Emily is not afraid of being attacked, he just has an irrational phobia that had haunted him since childhood.

"I grew up in households composed only of women and maybe that contributes to this problem.'s Father separated from my mother when berusai six years and I never again saw him," explained Emily.

The earliest memories of her fear of men is at the age of 13. By then he had to sign the package in front of the door and he did not know the man introductory package.

"When I suffered an attack due to see the man, the effect lasted from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Starting with my skin turning red, the more body heat and heat, and when I tried to calm myself, I feel as though I could not breathe , "explained Emily.

After six times the attack, she realized that it happened every time he met a strange man.

"But I do not know why and no way to control it. I tried to fight, but once I felt the attack there is no way to stop it," explained Emily.

When the phobia attack occurred in front of the classroom, Emily said she was licensed and his body was not well reasoned.

"I never yelled at the boys at school, but when the boys grow up into men that can be invited to dating, to me they are big and scary," recalls Emily.

Fortunately, Emily fears dwindle when he was growing up. He is now undergoing psychological therapy and counseling issues.

Emily was given a program of mental and breathing exercises that can help her overcome her fear of men.

"I am now working as a recruitment consultant. Fear met the man was still there and I still get attacks when confronted with a new male face for an interview, but I try to deal with it all the time," explained Emily.