Australia Tasmanian wilderness

Australia Tasmanian wilderness

Enjoy the beauty of the ancient and magnificent of the 17 national parks of Tasmania.
Many of these national parks are part of the jungle are listed as World Heritage covering 20 percent of the island. Climb the mountains and admire Hazard Ranges scenery is very beautiful Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park. See your face in shadow lake and browse Dove Lake National Park Overland Track in Cradle-Mountain-Lake St Clair. Walking through the jungle undergrowth through Gondwanan rainforest and discover the 18th century French garden at Recherche Bay in the South West National Park. Explore the Russell Falls waterfall, swamp gum trees towering and ski fields at Mount Field National Park. Explore a quiet Gordon River and follow the river rafting on the Franklin Park Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers. Whichever way you explore the natural wonders of Tasmania, we are sure you would not want to leave.

Visit five places on the Tasmanian wilderness

Australia Tasmanian wilderness1. Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay

Overnight at Coles Bay is calm at the entrance to Freycinet National Park and walk to the Wineglass Bay. Capture the beautiful scenery with your camera, then swimming, boating, fishing, snorkeling, sea kayaking and diving in the beautiful white sandy beaches. If you want to stretch the legs, dakilah mountain, down the cliffs and exploring the mountains of pink granite rocks and the rugged gray mountains Hazard Ranges. Or follow a day trip along the seaside shrubs.

Australia Tasmanian wilderness2. National Park, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair

Browse millions of years old history in this wilderness with only a few hours drive from Launceston. Walking around the lake Dove Lake, across the waterfall and through the King Billy pine forests, to the peak of Cradle Mountain, rocky mountain sharp lime. To face the real challenge, follow the Overland Track tours along the famous 80 kilometers to the south toward Lake St. Clair, the deepest natural lake in Australia. On the way, admire the beauty of Mount Ossa, Tasmania's highest mountain, and see the old beech tree species more than 60 million years. Walking near the river that flows swift and torrential rain forest in the old Enchanted Walk tour or spend most of your day to climb the mountain top. You can also spend one to five hours to attend one of the other famous tourist trips, among them Mount Campbell, Hanson's Peak, Twisted Lakes, Lake Rodway, Lake Lilla and the Ballroom Forest.

Australia Tasmanian wilderness3. Southwest National Park

Drive from Hobart and see the giant dam Scotts Peak Dam and Mount Anne mountain peak, Mount Eliza and Western Arthurs towering lakeside Lake Pedder. Or follow the tour flights over the Gondwanan rainforest, bush horizontal and rare Huon pine over an area of ​​608,000 hectares in this national park. Walk across the dam wall or go down the Gordon Dam jurangnya amazing. Add orange belly parrot endangered around Bathrust Harbour between October to March. Explore the trees that lined moss-custody and custody of the short nature trip Creepy Crawly Nature Trail. Or do a day trip around Lake Judd deep and covered with ice. Explore some of the most challenging regions in Australia in a tour of Port Davey and South Coast Track for a few days to a remote Melaleuca, where you have to be picked up by plane. Kayaking to Recherche Bay, where you will find 18th century French gardens surrounded by dense forest and wide white sandy beaches.

Australia Tasmanian wilderness4. Mount Field National Park

You only need to drive for an hour from Hobart to see the three levels of Russell Falls waterfall, lush fern forests and some of the tallest tree in the world. Walking to the waterfall Lady Barron Falls across Lake Dobson, shrub-like palm and pine forests towering swamp gums in a tourism trip Lady Barron Falls Circuit. Climbed higher into the highlands and steep cliffs Tarn Shelf, where you can see a vast lakes in the valley below. In April and May, the slopes of the mountains shining with golden leaves, red and orange from the tree of Fagus, the only bare trees of winter in Australia. In the winter months of June to August you will find a small ski field for cross-country skiing in the snow gum trees and stunted pine trees.

Australia Tasmanian wilderness5. National Park Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers

Explore the amazing rivers of the Gordon River on the west coast fishing village of Strahan. Or driving while enjoying the stunning scenery on the highway Lyell Highway winding. After arriving here you can berarung Franklin River rafting on the fast-flowing rapids, through wooded valleys, canyons and mountains decorated in glaciers. Learn how environmental activists to save these natural forces in order not dammed for hydroelectric power. By boat, you can also down the Picton and Huon rivers until near Hobart. Follow your tour Donaghys Lookout Walk to enjoy the view over the Franklin River or mountain peak. Or follow your tour Frenchmans Cap Track challenging for a few days buttongrass across the plains, valleys covered with ice and rain forest Huon pine and King Billy pine primeval. Your goal is Lake Tahune, below the peak of Frenchmans Cap towering, some of the oldest exposed rock in Australia.