Mountains and Inland Australia Flinders

Mountains and Inland Australia Flinders

Commemorating Earth Flinders Rangers a hilly mountain elegant and outback South Australia.
Hovering over Wilpena Pound in the scenic flight. Find opal and sleep underground in Coober Pedy. Strolling along the Heysen trail, mountain biking or driving across Route Mawson double axle car to explore the steep slopes of the sharp edged. Follow the Oodnadatta Track to Lake Eyre to a remote and often dry. Taste the native plants and learn about Aboriginal art with traditional land guards. Explore the history of this region farms in Wilpena Pound Station. Seeing the rare yellow-footed rock wallabies and so many other native animals and birds in the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary. Discover the lost world inside the basin of stone, barren moonscape and lakes, and fossil opal, national parks and Aboriginal rock art.

Five adventure that can be done at Flinders.

Mountains and Inland Australia Flinders1. Walk or float above the stunning Wilpena.

Join the flight to see the natural scenery over Wilpena Pound, a natural amphitheater that is very big in the mountains of central Flinders Ranges, South Australia. From the sky looks like an ancient world where dinosaurs had disappeared still at large. Or walk to the edge, which has been eroded over millions of years, from the high Himalayan mountains. Standing on top of St. Mary's Peak to see breathtaking scenery that unfolds in the hilly crater measuring 80 square kilometers. Mount Remarkable bush forests across south pegungan Flinders Ranges, Gammon Ranges and the mountains near Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary in the northern part is hilly. Here you will see the rare yellow-footed rock wallabies are shy and many native plants including Sturt's desert pea red and pink. If you really want to flex the foot, you can walk away from the mountain town of Parachilna toward iconic beach on the Fleurieu Peninsula in the Heysen Trail trail along the 1,200 kilometers.

Mountains and Inland Australia Flinders2. Cycling or driving a car axle double

Cycling start of the Adelaide Hills to the town of Blinman in the Flinders Ranges mountain above the Mawson Trail along nearly 900 miles along the trail and the Forest Fire Trail. You will be able to enjoy the historic town of Lobethal and Birdwood, Barossa Valley is famous in the world and the old mining town of Kapunda and Burra. If you like adventure with a double axle vehicle, explore the steep road near Wilmington in the Southern Flinders or Arkaroola in the north. Or follow the Strzelecki Track towards the desert that can be inspiring, past beautiful views of wetlands such as Coongie Lakes and Dalhousie Springs. On the Oodnadatta Track, you can browse the traditional Aboriginal trade route and the old Ghan railway line passing through the Mound Spring, Lake Eyre and natural artesian spa at Coward Springs Campground.

Mountains and Inland Australia Flinders3. Go underground to find opal

Looking for opal stone in the old mine, to meet people from all over the world in his foxhole home and visit underground art gallery. Wear a hard hat and explore the history of Coober Pedy in an abandoned mine, now a museum. Or remember the days at the mine which is traditionally done in the hallways that resembled a labyrinth, in which a layer of opal stone is still there on the wall. Here in the center of the world's opal, a total population of 3,500 people from more than 45 countries have gone to the underground to shelter from the burning heat of the outback. Only in Coober Pedy you can find the underground church, underground hotels and a golf course without even a blade of grass. On the ground, this area has an apocalyptic landscape - such as the Painted Desert, the Moon Plain and breakaways - for you to explore.

Mountains and Inland Australia Flinders4. Explore the bush forest in the real outback

Seeing thousands of birds pelicans, birds banded stilt and gulls that after heavy rain rollicking towards Lake Eyre is normally dry. Or the more common, visited when the lake dried with a white crust that is estimated to have weighed 400 million tons. Double axle car driving route from Birdsville Maree, which was once a place that must be visited by the Afghan camel riders, to Birdsville in the beginning of the Simpson Desert. Seeing red dunes stretch of line and soak in hot water at Dalhousie Springs antiquities, which had been used for tens of thousands of years by Aborigines. Enjoy the magic of the desert oasis in Coongie Lakes, which is home to about 20,000 water birds and more than 150 species of birds. Then enjoy the color and scent the night in the station interior with a spacious interior. Remember, this is a very remote village and preparation as well as double-axle vehicle is very important!

Mountains and Inland Australia Flinders5. Learn the history and geology of ancient Aboriginal

Learn about the heritage of cultural and social interest Adnyamathanha in cultural tours in the Lake Eyre and the Oodnadatta Track. Taste food typical bush forest, learn about traditional medicines and bush forest camping under the stars while enjoying the experience on the lake, the desert and the Dreaming through the eyes of the Aborigines. Or understand the story of the creation of mountains of Flinders Ranges in the course of driving alone for two days along the Aboriginal Dreaming Trail. Seeing Aboriginal art in Arkaroo Rock and other Aboriginal painting and sculpture at Chambers Gorge. Then get the knowledge about the history of farming in this region in the interpretive journey through the landscape that stretched Wilpena Station. Get more information about the geological history of this fascinating region - including fossils and ancient sea floor and the mountains - in a guided tour through the Brachina Gorge.