Leica M9-P looks like it costs a fortune, doesn't disappoint

Leica M9-P

Leica's new M9-P digital rangefinder taps the till at $7,995 -- the same price the original M9 commanded when it was released in 2009 -- but you don't stay in the business of making pricey cameras for nearly a century without doing something right. The new version adds a virtually unbreakable sapphire crystal covering on the LCD, produced using diamond cutting tools, and an anti-reflective coating. The body includes a vulcanite leatherette body finish, for a more secure grip, but curiously lacks the familiar red Leica logo and M9 lettering on the front, in line with the camera's elegant "minimalist styling." Beyond that, the P includes the same full-frame 18 megapixel sensor featured on the M9, an "almost silent" shutter, and is compatible with Leica's full range of astronomically expensive M lenses. The M9-P will be available in black or chrome for $7,995 beginning next month, or $15,990 for two -- since we know you're planning to buy both.