Asthma Not Controlled Origin Sex Reducing Ability

Sexual intercourse requires less oxygen consumption that is not so much to think of people with asthma will be difficult to do so. But if done in a measurable, sex or other physical activity will not trigger a recurrence of asthma.

"When an attack is difficult. Boro-boro sex thinking, breathing alone can not. But beyond that, people with asthma are normal people. So did his sexual abilities," said Dr. Anita Ratnawati, SpKFR (K), a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation of the Friendship Hospital in talk show You Can Control Your Asthma at the Friendship Hospital, Rawamangun, Thursday (09/06/2011).

According to Dr. Anita, there are no studies showing that asthma affects libido or sex drive. Even if there are some people who increase their libido or precisely because of asthma, he suspected it was a fluke and will not happen to everyone.

Asthma does not affect your stamina during sex or other physical activity, origin completely controlled so as not to trigger a relapse (exercise induced asthma). Even according to Dr. Anita, people with asthma it is advisable to carry out physical activity, particularly regular exercise.

"In general, exercise will not improve lung function. But physical exercise proved to improve heart and lung fitness so that wheezing (asthma) did not deteriorate," added Dr. Anita.

For physical activity did not lead to exercise induced asthma, persons with asthma who want to exercise should pay attention to FIT which stands for Frequency, Intensity and Time.

1. Frequency
Ideally sports for persons with asthma are not more than 3-5 times / week.

2. Intensity
The pulse is most easily observed indicator to determine whether or not heavy physical activity. Safe limit for persons with asthma is 60-80 percent of maximum heart rate. How to calculate the maximum pulse rate is 220 minus age.

For example, the age of 30 years, the maximum heart rate is 220-30 = 190 times / minute. So the safe limit for persons with asthma during exercise or other physical activity is (60-80) percent x 190 = 114-152 times / min.

3. Time
The recommended duration for persons with asthma when running heavy physical activity is 30 minutes, or if you already feel tired.

"Just like other physical activity, sometimes sex can also be the trigger asthma attacks or exercise induced asthma. Moreover, if done the same affair, because it certainly was pounding fear of getting caught," said Dr. Anita said, joking.