Hurry Drinking After Crying to Prevent Dehydration

Hurry Drinking After Crying to Prevent Dehydration

When the cry of the body will lose some fluid, so drinking enough water after crying to avoid dehydration which can trigger headaches later. And consume water also can help soothe and relieve pressure

Crying is known can make a person feel relieved and better, this is because it was thought to cry can help remove the pressures that exist in the body.

When the crying tear ducts will issue a combination of water, oil and mucus into the eye. A few tears will run through a small hole in the side of the eyelid to flow into the nasal cavity, causing the release of snot.

Louann Brizendine, a neurologist at the University of California, San Francisco, said that when a person experiences physical pain, emotional anguish and frustration, the amygdala of the brain that are part of the limbic system (emotional brain) will get a signal.

If the stimulus or stimuli that got big enough, then the energy can move from emotional areas in the frontal motor strip. This condition would make a person sobbing when breathing while crying, as quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Friday (3/6/2011).

Sometimes this condition is also influenced by emotional factors, if he could control his emotions or control the tears that will not make it emerged sobbing.

In addition, the biological function of channels moved to tears in women greater than men, making women more easily cry. While the tear fluid contains a salt that can cause eye redness and blood vessels beneath the thin skin of the eye will swell.